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My life is like whoa...

and now you're trapped inside.

Nothing but the best...
I take crappy photos and I don't care. I sing in the shower, in the car, in the rain. Out of tune. I don't care. I live my life outloud, the way it should be lived.

I enjoy humor. My sense of humor is a tad on the "ill" side. I like it that way.

I am an avid animal rights' activist who is a strict vegetarian. I believe that animals were put on earth for us to nurture, not eat. Animals do not have a voice...we need to be that voice.

No, I am not a tree hugger...ok, maybe I am.

I used to live in Canada but moved into the United States. I want to visit Australia. I always wanted to go over there and say, "Throw another shrimp on the Bah-Bie." I would cry laughing. And then, likely get shot.

I love red wine. And beer. Ok, a lot of booze. But not a lot at once. I am not an alcoholic...and NO I am not in denial.

I drink Starbucks, drive a typical commuter car, dance. I love to be alone...at peace. The beach is pure bliss.

I graduated from college with a Degree in Social Science - my focus was Criminal Justice.

I love to meet new people and am always looking to make a new friend!